Monday, February 28, 2011

First Flower of Spring

This is the first blooming flower growing straight up out of the dirt that I have found in my neighborhood this season. It was so new and so pretty, I just had to take its picture.

I like the perspective I got on this image. I had to lay down on my stomach to get my camera at ground level, which was probably curious to the person who owned the yard in which I was laying. Maybe even more curious was that my dogs were sticking their noses in front of the camera wondering what I was doing right there in the dirt. I would have been in and out of that person's yard much faster if it hadn't been for my nosy dogs.

I think good or out of the ordinary perspective is one component of a strong image. One of my photography instructors once said, get low or get high, but don't just stand there and take a picture. And if I look at pictures that I really like, I'd say that very often they are taken from an unusual perspective.

The other nice thing about this image is that it's a grouping of three flowers. That's another one of those compositional rules. Odd numbers are better than evens. I don't know why. My mom always says this about gardening. Plant three of something rather than four. Who comes up with these rules?

The days are noticeably longer now. I have enough daylight after work to take the dogs for a walk and bring my camera. It was just a few weeks ago that our walk would be well after dark. There's something fresher about springtime air. It feels healthier in my lungs. Of course given the inversions we have here in Utah during the winter, the springtime air probably is healthier.

Happy snaps!

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